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Do you ship outside of EU?

At the moment we only ship to EU countries, but we believe that in the near future we will expand and be able to ship our goods outside the EU as well.

Why are the colors of the item I received slightly different from the colors I see on my device?

It's important to keep in mind that different screens can display the same image with slight variations in color and brightness due to screen technology, calibration and settings. As a result, the colors of the product you receive may differ slightly from what you see on your device. In our Shipping & Returns policy, we noted that our website images can't 100% accurately represent colors of a Product. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to view the product on multiple devices to get a better sense of the product before placing an order.

Is this the final product range that you can offer?

As a newly established business, we're pleased to offer you our current selection of products and designs featured on our website. But that's not all – we're already working on new designs and expanding our product categories to bring you more options. So, stay tuned!

Is it possible to customize an order?

Unfortunately, at the moment on our site there is no such possibility. However, you can message us and we will see, if we can make you a customized jersey with the colors and pattern that you wish for.

Are you taking orders on a larger scale, such as for events?

We'd love to hear from you. Write us an email with a bit of information about your idea and we will see what we can do.

Could you tell more about the meaning behind your name and how to decipher it?

The name of our brand is based on our founder, Lina Kučinskaitė's identity. KU represents the first letters of her last name, while L stands for her first name. The abbreviation LT denotes Lithuania, which is her home country. Additionally, 21 is her date of birth. The word "KULLT" is intentionally pronounced the same as word "cult" , because we want to bring together to "close circle" individuals who prioritize sports in their lives, but at the same time believe that it is important to enjoy it and have a good time.